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I'm going out on a limb and call the Weatherman a LIAR.  Now that said, it was colder than a Well Digger's you know what all day Saturday.  DryGulch told me it wasn't that cold.  I figured he had on his electric long johns again.  If it gets below 70°F he's cold.


We still had a great turnout with 26 cowboy and cowgirls enjoying the day; shooting, pigging out and hammering one another.  It don't get better than that.  I don't know how the Mayor's posse was doing, but some of us had quite a few Deryl moments in my posse.
We were so glad to see Loco Vaquero.  He came by to help out the day.  He had eye surgery and has been down since last June.  We sure hope he heals real soon and can shoot with us again.
We are always glad to see Lumpy Grits.  I always love to see Lumpy coming through the gate.  He's a Hoot!!


Red River Emma and Tator Bug came out to shoot with their Dad, Josey Kidd.  I know he is proud of his girls. We are too, they are going to OSU.  GO Pokes.


So glad to see Burnt Beans shooting with us again.

Of course, I'm always glad to see our "Jayhawker" Kansas boys; Clint Westwood and EK Hale.  By the way, Clint, that was Burmans Horseradish Sauce.  It's to die for.


Speaking of food, Chef Rowdy smoked up Hotlinks and Smoke Bologna.  Lightning Lass and Diamond Lil brought all kinds of cookies.  They were so good.


Cowboy Shooter's Supply (The Brisco Kid and his better half; Kiamichi Queen) set up shop in the camp.  It looked like bee's on honey around their tables.  We are always happy to see them.  Its a long wagon ride for them to come up from Fort Townson.  They brought my new Rifle that I had ordered from them too.  A 24" '73 in white.  I love it.  John Claud, I don't see where your new '73 helped your scores.  Hee! Hee! Hee!


We will have 2 new shooters coming soon.  Dan and Beverly Clark were their picking out their new guns and leather gear from Cowboy Shooter's Supply last Saturday.  They are really, really nice people.  I got to talk to Beverly quite a bit.  She's going to be a Hoot.
Also, we have 2 more shooters going to start soon; Phantom Gunfighter and Sixgun Granny.  Phantom came by Friday when we were setting up the targets.  The have just moved back here from Alaska where they shot with the Alaska 49er's.  They just joined Tulsa Gun Club.  We are looking forward to seeing you real soon.  We want to welcome you to the Tulsey Town family.
Josey Kidd was our Match winner.  Congrats to you for a fine match.  The one who shoots the fastest should be recognized. 


Also, Wild Bill had a clean match.  That is really important and hard to accomplish.  Congrats to you.


We figured Jack Rabbit Slim would have had a clean match, but he had to shoot the bank stage (HEE HEE)... sorry for the lapse.  Dry Gulch Deryl says the mind is a terrible thing to waste.


See December 13th's shooting scores in the "Scores" Section of this here website.


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