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Well, 18 cowboys and cowgirls braved the heat and had a great time at our August 23rd, 2014 shooting match.  We had 4 tents set up to protect us from the sunshine.  Thanks to Wild Bill and Drygulch Deryl for bringing their tents together with the 2 we have donated.  It really helped.  Rowdy and I are looking for tents right now.  If anyone sees pop up tents on sale let me know.  Or, if you have one and can bring it to the next shoot, that will help.  Future upgrades for the town will have the porches extended on either side to cover the loading and unloading tables.


Now back to the shoot.  Bones Zook was our match winner.  Congrats to you for a fine match.  There was no clean match this time.  We want to welcome Sailor Jake to Tulsey Town.  You are part of the Tulsey Town family now.  We really enjoyed you shooting with us. 


Now, I want to touch on something that I cannot explain regarding the scoring.  I have noticed that people with lower times are not the winner of the category.  It has happened in the Gun Fighter Category this time.  I had a Safety Disqualification (SDQ) and still I was first.  I sent an email to CD Tom who designed the Sass Scoring System.  I will get an answer.

As you all know we have everything on our scoring sheets.  By Category Winner and Match Final.  The first number under Match final is to show you where you was overall.  Example; DryGulch Deryl was 2nd his Category and 6th over all.  Our scoring sheets show Misses, Procedurals, Safety on each stage.


Our next match is September 13th.  Please note that's 3 weeks from last Saturday's match.  It's the second Saturday in September.  FALL Weather is coming.


Don't forget the Oklahoma State Championships is the 3rd week in September; 18th thru the 21st at Indian Territory SASS at the Redcastle Gun Club.  If you have not got your entry in you might want get on it.


See the 8/23/1014 scores in the Scores section.



Territorial Governor

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