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After talking to some of the Town Council last Wednesday night, and watching the weather this morning, we are not going to shoot this Saturday.  There is a 90% chance of storms and rain starting Friday night and continuing through Saturday.


So, we are moving our Thanksgiving Cowboy Action Shooting Match to next Saturday, November 29th, which is typically our usual Saturday after Thanksgiving Cowboy Match.  This happened since the 1st came on a Saturday this year.


The match after Thanksgiving usually draws our biggest turnout every year.  So, we will pray for 60's and sunny skies.


REPEAT: NO Cowboy Match this Saturday, November 22nd.  We will shoot next Saturday, November 29th.  This will give people more time to reload, clean guns, put up with relatives that you only have to put up with once a year and pig out. 

This will be a fun Cowboy Action Shooting Match on Saturday the 29th.  No P's (Procedurals). That does not mean you can dump on 1 target and call it good.  You have to shoot it like its written.  Remember the Spirit of the Game Penalty is 30 seconds.  But, if you have a Brain Fart, you won't get the terrible P.


Clean up your pocket Pistol and Derringer too. One stage it will be your pistol part.  We never get to use them.  That does not mean if you don't have a derringer or pocket pistol, that you need to stay home. No, on the contrary, there will be plenty cowpokes to lend you theirs.  I have never seen anyone not offer to help.  By the way if anyone finds a 38 special  derringer and you don't remember where it came from; its Mine!!!


You might want to find a pocket pistol and derringer for next years Big Cowboy Action Shooting Match and other big matches around the area like Woolaroc, Okla State, Land Run.  Thats a  excuse to buy another gun.  There will be bonus targets, Plate Rack, close targets.  This is a fun, fun ,fun Shoot. Thats why we got into this game, Right???.

See you the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Chef Rowdy says it would be a perfect time for a BBQ.

See the scores in the Scores Page.



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