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Read them and weep.  Oh, by the way, if you didn't notice Fall is here, Saturday September 13th was the testament to that statement.  It was a really Cool Saturday morning, but then the Sun came out.  What a great day for shooting Cowboy Action Shooting Match.


We had 30 Cowboys and Cowgirls show up to shoot, discuss and cuss.  I never saw so many Train wrecks.  It was more like all the trains coming into the Round house at the same time.  I did not feel alone Saturday.  There was the Sound of train whistles all day.   


We had 2 new Shooters Saturday; Shadz, daughter of John Claud and the Wynona Kid.  We want to welcome you both to Tulsey Town.  Looking at there scores they did quite well the 1st time.  It only gets better.  Sometimes we forget when we started in this sport.  You will get better and faster.


Well, it was a horse race for Match winner.  Josey Kidd with a total 6 stage score of 192.59 seconds and Clint Westwood with 194.72 seconds.  That's a close match.  I can't carry there ammo.  Congrats to Josey Kidd for the win.  Tulsey was our only Clean Match.  Wild Bill had only 1 miss.  Congrats to the both of you for a good Match.


Its good to see old friends that we haven't seen in awhile.  Buckshot Dave came by to visit.  Okie Ed has recovered somewhat from rotor cup surgery and shot the best he could.  We had quite a few of our cowboys and cowgirls missing.


Clean those guns up and reload.  The best time to shoot Cowboy Action is now.


Next week is the Oklahoma State Championship at Indian Territory SASS (ITSASS).  Don't forget the ROI and ROII courses are Thursday.  Go to their website for the info at: www.itsass.net

We will see all of you on September 27th for our next Cowboy Action Shooting match.  See September 13th Scores in the Scores Section of the website.


Territorial Governor

Sass # 57116