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        BONE YARD

Tulsey Folk,

Tulsey Folk,

Bring your snacks, drinks and the suntan oil, Its going to be 83 degrees and sunny this Saturday the 11th. The second Saturday of FEBRUARY and 83 degrees Really ???. 78 degrees on Friday and in the 40's overnight.

This is not the time to stay home with weather coming like this, call your buddies, gather the wife, guns, ammo and come for a great time at Tulsey Town this weekend.

Also for fun , this is as close to valentines Day as we get this year, so wear something RED 💘.

WE are in Alaskan Days, hard to believe as it is so sign up starts at 9:30 am till 10:30 am and then shooters meeting,

See you this Saturday

. As you Know we are on Winter Hours as listed below.

Nov thru April
A. Sign up; 9:30 to 10:30
B. Shooters meeting; 10:30
C. Temperature of the day to determine
# of stages shot.
32 *& below; 3 to 4 stages
Above 32*; 6 stages