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        BONE YARD

Tulsey Folk,

Tulsey Folk,

My Lord what a cold,wet and cloudy day for Cowboy shooting. Couldn't have been one of the sunny and 75 degree days we have been having lately. But we had 28 cowboys and cowgirls show up to enjoy the shootin sport we all love.

We want to welcome C.S. Brady, Holy Smoke Harmon,Cowpolk ,Alabama Bill,Prairie Ghost, for there first time to shoot Tulsey Town. Along with Trail Agent and Mud Puppy in which all 7 of them made the drive up from the Ft. Smith area. We are glad to have you all. Too bad you couldn't get Geezer out of bed to drive up also. But at his age he needs his rest, too late for beauty sleep with that mug. Please comeback ,you all are part of the family now.

Its always great to see Clint Westwood and E.K. Hale down from Kansas. Also want to welcome Loren Sackett and Barrister Bruce for there first time. But the stunner of the day was seeing Loco Vaquero come strolling down main street, No one has seen him since he moved off to North Carolina a year ago, your demise has been greatly exaggerated by Josey and Lumpy. We are really glad you have moved back home.

Creek County Kid is our match winner today. Congratulations for a fine match. It was great to see your grandpa with you. We had 3 Clean Match Winners today . Creek County Kid, Clint Westwood, and a first for John Claud. A big congrats to the 3 of you.

Put down on your calendar the 20th, 21st and 22nd of October, that's the 3rd week of October for the 3rd annual Sass Oklahoma State Black Powder Championships. Three days of pure fun . Cowboy Flea market, 10 main match stages, side matches, fun side matches, night shoot, 3 lunches and a banquet all one price. It will be out sometime in April on the website. Kat is updating and adding things to our website. Also the 3rd annual Tulsa area Chamber of Commerce shooting Gala is scheduled for the 10th of November. Set aside a vacation day for that to come and help. Our next match is April the 8th. Attached below is Match Final Overall results and Match Final Overall results by Category.


Nov thru April
A. Sign up; 9:30 to 10:30
B. Shooters meeting; 10:30
C. Temperature of the day to determine
# of stages shot.
32 *& below; 3 to 4 stages
Above 32*; 6 stages