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Sat & Sun 3rd 4th

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Club Members,

The Targets are set, painted and the range closed. The 250 yd Buffalo match has been cancelled do to unforeseen circumstances. The 100 yd Match will be shot at the new 100 yd rifle range on the South side of the gun club.

Don't forget to bring your guns,leather,cowboy clothes and anything else that you want to get sold at the Cowboy Flea Market Thursday @ 9:00 am. This is a perfect time to clean out the closet or pick up some bargains. We need to really put out the merchandise on this one. Price things to sell. Put your Alias, price and a phone number on a tag, or pin it to them. If you have a cloths rack for a lot of clothes to sell, bring it. If you have a fold out table and want to loan it for this Flea market and we can use it at the banquet ,put your name on the bottom some where. If anyone is loose Wed morning at 9:00 we will be putting up the circus tent for the flea market and a place for Chef Rowdy to use to feed people. If you have fold out chairs we can borrow, call me on the tables and chairs. I know Lightning Lass could use them for the banquet. The club house has only 6 tables about 20 chairs. There is alot of people working hard behind the scenes to make this a success.

We are having a pre-shoot this weekend, If that nasty boss wont let you off and you want to shoot, call me. Lunch every day, banquet, loads of awards for one price. Loading BP is not rocket science, cleaning guns is not either. Kat is posting tomorrow , a easy way to clean bp shot guns by Josey Kidd. Its simple. There is a number of ways to BP clean guns. WE want to make this the largest BP match in the country one day. OKC and ITSASS all started out their 1st big match this way and look at them now.

Reverend Lyin Kerrdawg


Just a reminder that one week form tomorrow The Sass Sanctioned Oklahoma State Black Powder Shootout will commence . This is a all Black Powder or BP substitute match. 19 Men's Frontier Cartridge and 17 Frontiersman (Cap & Ball Categories. The same for the Lady's.

Thursday the 8th starts at 9;00 am with a Cowboy Flea Market, Side matches and Fun Side matches all day till 3:00 pm. No mandatory safety meeting for the side matches. Note: The 250 yd Buffalo Rifle Side match has been cancelled this year. The 100 yd is still on. Different location on the TGC club grounds.

Friday at 9:00 am starts with 6 main stages. Saturday at 9:00 am starts with 4 main stages. 6:00 pm Cattleman's Banquet starts. For your entry you get Lunch everyday, banquet on Saturday and loads of shooting fun.

We will be holding a pre-shoot this Saturday 6 stages for Friday and Sunday 4 stages for Saturday for our workers and people that have a hard time getting off Friday from work. If you want to shoot and the boss says no, call me.

Category Winners , The highest ranking person in each category ,regardless of their state will be the Category Winner. Check out our website @ See you next week.

Reverend Lyin Kerrdawg