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Good Lord!  It was warm Saturday, October 25th for Cowboy Action Shooting.  Really, its October.  I will be glad when the cold front arrives.  We still had a lot of fun today warm, or not.


We had 35 great Cowboys and Cowgirls show up for Cowboy Action Shooting; good food and fellowship with all their friends.  Kat even sneaked in a birthday cake for Lightning Lass.  I can't tell you her age here.  It would not be nice.  So write me and I will tell you.


Chef Rowdy served up some really good smoked BBQ Baloney.  I don't know the brand name, but it was really good.


We had a few visitors; Flat Top Okie, Missouri Mae and Mace the Ace were new to Tulsey Town.  We really enjoyed having you with us.  Please come back again.  Hondo Tweed, Riverside Burns, Miracle Man and Barr Bear, we are so glad you chose to spend the day with us.


Josey Kidd was our match winner today.  Flat Top Okie was right on his heels.  DryGulch Deryl and EK Hale both had clean matches.  There was a host of just 1-miss matches also.  We want to say Congrats to you all.


Our next match will be November the 8th.  Please come back and shoot with us then.


See the scores in the Scores Page.



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