Welcome To Tulsey Town Cattlemen's Association

A Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) Cowboy Action Shooting Club

Nestled in the Rustic Forested Foothills of the TULSA GUN CLUB

8888 E. Mohawk Blvd. (56th Street North), Tulsa, Oklahoma




Yes, I know there is a chance of rain for the Cowboy Action Shooting Match this Saturday morning, October 11th.  I just listened to the weather and the rain will move out Friday night and have just a chance all day Saturday, until Saturday night, then start up again with another front passing through Sunday.  It will be cool with North winds.  Just right to wear long sleeves and a vest.


Chef Rowdy says lunch will be provided for $5.00.


Sign up till 9:15am, then shooters meeting. 

A lot of work has been done in the last 6 days.  Speed wagon brought out his large backhoe and dug up all the stumps on the Tulsey Town property.  There are a few trees taken down on the east end of the parking lot and more to take down on the east end of the parking lot till they are done away with.  He took out 8 or 9 stumps along Main Street and behind the stages.  We want to thank him when you see him.  I really appreciate his help.  Things look alot better and will give us more area in the shooting area.

DryGulch Deryl, Rowdy, Katie Holliday, John Claud, finished the post office with a new roof and the building has been completely repainted.  Only the top side boards still remain.  The sign post is up and when the sign is completed it will go up.

Rowdy's Saloon has been totally repainted and when the signs are finished it will be Pistol Pete's Saloon.  I figure that when some people see it there will be a crimson and cream Barber/Dentist Shop next door; called the Sooner Barber Shop, because its as Orange/Black and White as you can get it.

Watch your emails Friday night in case we have to cancel this week's cowboy action shooting match.  I will send out an email.


We can reschedule for next Saturday if we have too, so we won't miss a cowboy action shooting match in October 2014.

Pictures of the buildings posted above:



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