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Well, we had 18 cowboys and cowgirls show up, hoping to avoid the rain, and get in some Cowboy Action Shooting before we got drenched late afternoon last Saturday, May 23rd.
We made the targets easy to shoot on all 6 stages, so we could finish quicker.  Clear of rain from the start, up till the 1st stage.  Started raining during the 1st stage.  Looked at the radar and there was one lone cloud right over Tulsey Town.  You gota be kidding!  Rained for 10 minutes.  Then clear, cloudy and cool the rest of the day.  It was great.  Didn't help my shooting though.
Clint Westwood was our match winner for the day.  Both Clint Westwood and Tulsey had the only clean match too.  Congrats to you both.
There will be 20 of us from Tulsey Town going to Woolaroc next weekend. Good luck to all!
We will be back here at Tulsey Town to shoot more Cowboy Action Shooting on Saturday, June the 13th.
See Saturday, May 23rd scores on the Scores Page
Reverend Lyin Kerrdawg
Territorial Governor

Tulsey Town Cattleman's Association